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 Jaunty's Six-Week Social Skills Masterclass builds on your abilities to better connect with, attract, and maintain genuine relationships with the people you want in your life. Meet weekly with instructors and classmates to learn the tools and practice the skills you need to master communication, relationships, and become the social being you deserve to be.

Live sessions begin December 13th, 2020

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Social Skills LIVE Masterclass

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 Jaunty's Six-Week Social Skills Masterclass builds on your abilities to better connect with, attract, and maintain genuine relationships with the people you want in your life. Meet weekly with instructors and classmates to learn the tools and practice the skills you need to master communication, relationships, and become the social being you deserve to be.

Live sessions begin
December 13th, 2020

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What the Jaunty LIVE Masterclass has to offer:

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6 Live Classes

Each class is over 3 hours and densely packed with a combination of theory, peer-to-peer practice and real world solutions for those wanting to improve their social life.

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One-on-one Coaching

Get direct access to private coaching with social intelligence experts in both intimate group settings and in one-on-one office hours throughout the course.

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Real-world Practice

Each class module is accompanied by written summaries, key takeaways and social get togethers and exercises to further enhance your individual skills.

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Members-only Discussion Group

Join the Jaunty alumni network, an exclusive group of like-minded individuals who provide continued support and social growth opportunities.

Why Jaunty?

We believe everyone can successfully connect, communicate with, and attract whoever they want.

We teach and cultivate the social intelligence and communication skills that help you truly thrive. We’ve taught business people, singles, leaders, and the shy -anyone seeking a life beyond their current imagination and capabilities.

‚ÄčWe bring the best from social science, psychology, the science of attraction, neuroscience, and human behavior to make people skills learnable. Our instructors have logged in 1000’s of hours of real-life experimentation, research and development, and studying to put together curricula in the most clear and memorable way possible.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and over 3,000 individual students from all walks of life.

Students call it their Social Secret Weapon

We call it Social Freedom

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What's Included and What You Will Learn


Check out this video to learn how Jaunty could change your social life as Eric Waisman, Jaunty's Founder (and little Tova!) dives into the course summary.

Class One: Status and Confidence

Understanding yourself better is the best place to start. Everyone's natural personality traits differ from each other. We focus on building internal status and self-confidence using our natural strengths. We learn why the “mildly uncomfortable zone” is a great place to be. We practice high-status behaviors such as strong eye contact, body language, and conversation techniques to overcome and manage social tension.

Class Two: Voice, Assertiveness, and Rapport Building

Our voice is one of our most powerful tools for connecting with people, yet a lot of us sell ourselves short by speaking too quickly or quietly. In this class we learn how to raise our internal status and presence with our voices. We also build on our empathy skills by practicing genuine listening and responsiveness and learn the importance of emotion in creating a personal connection. We then practice our assertiveness skills, such as expressing ourselves boldly and navigating difficult conversations while respecting others.

Class Three: Approach and Conversational Agility

Striking up a conversation with a complete stranger is one of the greatest social challenges. By focusing on the approach and introductions, we become more comfortable with this critical step in meeting new people while making great first impressions. In this class we learn techniques for the approaching anyone. We then create conversational structures for talking with new people, including “weaving,” a surefire method to keep a conversation going while building a deeper connection.

Class Four: Humor, Frame and more Approach

High-status humor is a way to play with the world around us. This is one of the quickest ways to build attraction and make conversations more enjoyable. In this class we learn different comedic formulas including character humor. We learn how to work a room and how to handle any reaction with finesse. We  then discover the concept of “frame”, which unlocks the power of influence, and we learn to build a strong social belief system, making you approachable and more dynamic to others.

Class Five: Magnetism and Charisma

In this class we experiment with more intimate communication and storytelling. We learn about sexual communication and how to walk the fine line between overtly sensual and completely neutral. We play with touch and learn how physical closeness helps us connect with others, including people whom you may already know and want to build deeper relationships with. This class teaches warmth, flirtation, and explores complimenting and accepting compliments. We then learn how to manage relationships and build social circles.

Class Six: Mental Pattern Shifting and Belief Systems

At some point or another, we’ve all let our fears hold us back. In this final class, using our real world experiences that we accumulated throughout the class, we investigate what old beliefs and fears we’re still hanging on to, and use the practices of pattern interruption, acceptance and commitment, gradual exposure, trait psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy to blow them up and put them behind us. We then focus on online communication, sharpening our texting, email and Zoom etiquette.

What people are saying
about their experience with Jaunty

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SzeWan C.

I cannot show more appreciation to Eric, Craig, Ann Marie and Jan. They spent their time, efforts to help us be more social and conquering our social anxiety. . . I'm able to connect to people in a different way, less judgmental and more welcoming. . . I'm so happy to talk to a new person everyday after Jaunty. All alumni are friendly. Come check them out!

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Michael U.

Jaunty is awesome!  I was fortunate enough to stop by at one of the free classes with no intent at all of taking the course.  I learned so much that it was just a no-brainer.  We invest so much money in so many various walks of life without batting an eye, but with social interactions + learning about ourselves, we spend next to nothing and its arguably 10x more important and impactful. Give Jaunty a try and don't look back. I took the class over two years ago and it still makes a huge impact on my day to day now.

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Yvonne C.

Absolutely love the Jaunty 6-week class. Being shy, I've done improv, acting, comedy, Toastmasters, and mediation. This class is the most direct and effective. Within weeks, I was comfortable approaching strangers, having fun impromptu conversations, making them laugh. Eric's sense of humor and positivity are infectious. One of the most unique and useful part of this class is the social network for students. Not only do students get together several times a week to practice, even after the class is over, Craig and alumni continue to organize practice sessions and social events. This is one of the most fun and useful classes I've taken.

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Nolan M.

I have been looking for ways to improve my social anxiety: classes online, voice coaches, and tons of research on toastmasters. I finally found Jaunty! This is the REAL DEAL! . . . This class is a bargain. I have taken so many courses in my life, and for the quality and thoroughness you get at Jaunty, it's truly an incredible find. Additionally, once you go through the class, you gain access to an entire Jaunty Alumni group who are awesome, supportive, over achievers. I definitely recommend 100% for everyone to take this course - the sooner the better!

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Social skills can be learned, and individuals can improve upon their social skills without erasing their personalities in the process. The Jaunty team says it's all about building upon what's already there and finding ways to smooth out kinks while spinning idiosyncrasies into points of strength.

Metro Silicon Valley, San Jose

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About Your Instructors

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Eric Waisman is Jaunty's founder and started Jaunty with the goal of passing on the social dexterity he'd picked up over the course of his life and career. A fourth generation entrepreneur, Eric left his corporate career with MetLife, Merrill Lynch and American Express to follow his true passions – teaching social intelligence. He has spent over ten years studying social and behavioral sciences as well as testing and experimenting social skills in the real world. Eric holds degrees in business and nutrition from the University of Northern Colorado and studied cultural studies at the University of Jerusalem. A dabbling musician, in his spare time Eric enjoys traveling, playing his guitar, exercising and of course. . . socializing.

Craig Gibbons is a Head Instructor at Jaunty. Growing up in a small town near San Luis Obispo, Craig struggled with shyness. Wanting to change, he later delved deep into social and emotional intelligence through academic study and personal experiments. In college, he realized he wanted to work with people and switched majors from Computer Science to Human Performance. After years of self-training, Craig discovered Jaunty and became Eric's apprentice. Craig has coached people in social dynamics and dating through Jaunty since 2012. When he's not exploring positive psychology and self-development, he enjoys learning about meta games and being outdoorsy with his dad.

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Both Eric and Craig spent thousands of hours experimenting and researching the limits of social behavior to create the tried and tested course material for Jaunty. They are tirelessly dedicated to helping students achieve their goals and become social dynamos.

Social Enlightenment Starts Here!

This course is the product of over 15 years of refinement after tens of thousands of hours of social experimentation, and research, and feedback from over 3,000 students.

Social Skills Master Class


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